9/11 Free Fall 5/21/15: Chris Sarns debunks NIST's thermal expansion theory

 9/11 researcher Chris Sarns discusses his latest series of articles examining the flaws in NIST's "thermal expansion" hypothesis for WTC 7. He also comments on the outcome of the WTC 7 resolution vote at the AIA convention in Atlanta last weekend. 

9/11 Free Fall 5/14/15: David Meiswinkle on 9/11 Truth and Modern Communication


Former law enforcement officer and news reporter and current criminal defense attorney David Meiswinkle discusses with Andy Steele various topics related to 9/11 Truth, including the work of his non-profit organization, New Jersey 9/11 Aware. He also talks about the communication platforms of modern society and the alternative media's dangerous reliance on these platforms for sharing information.

9/11 Free Fall 5/7/15: Senator Graham, the Church Committee, and demoralization

Host Andy Steele talks about a recent article in which Senator Graham relates how the FBI tried to dissuade him from pursuing the Saudi Arabian connection to 9/11, and he discusses the Church Committee hearings and revelations about Operation Mockingbird that came out during it. 

9/11 Free Fall 4/30/15: Ted Walter and Jes Stafford, AIA

Activist Ted Walter and Jes Stafford-- President of the Asheville, North Carolina AIA section-- join Andy Steele to discuss the upcoming AIA resolution vote on whether the AIA will endorse a new investigation into the destruction of WTC 7 this year.