9/11 Free Fall 3/26/15: Colin Doran Discussion with an Official Story Advocate

Andy Steele is joined by Colin Doran, a supporter of the 9/11 official story whose career background is in aviation and who has also studied what happened in New York.  The two discuss the Pentagon attack and the destruction of the three towers in New York on 9/11, and demonstrate how conversations between both sides of the issue should be carried out. 

9/11 Free Fall 3/19/15: Contrived Media Disdain; The Need for an Open Internet

Andy Steele is joined by Jeff Long to discuss the latest in 9/11 Truth related news, including the corporate media and blogosphere's response to the Jeremy Sagan interview, the chilling effect of the surveillance society on the American people, and the government's move to regulate the Internet and what that could mean for the alternative news community.

9/11 Free Fall 3/12/15: John O'Malley-- 9/11 Outreach at CPAC 2015 and the Media's Control of Presidential Elections

Former Pentagon worker and current AE911Truth Congressional Outreach volunteer John O'Malley discusses his latest outreach work at this year's CPAC, bringing  the 9/11 controlled demolition evidence to its attendees.  He also discusses what he observed there, including the strange disconnect between Jeb Bush's noticeable unpopularity at the conference and the media's efforts to push him as a leading candidate for the GOP race onto the people at home.  As well, he and host Andy Steele talk about  the media's control of presidential elections and compare it to how the media keeps the real story behind the 9/11 crime silenced.

9/11 Free Fall 3/5/15: 9/11 Truth in Life

Andy Steele goes over the latest news in 9/11 Truth, including the recent high-rise fire in Dubai, Bill O’Reilly getting caught in a lie, and the newest article written by Kevin Ryan.   He also offers commentary on the impact that knowing the truth of 9/11 has on the personal lives of some activists, and how to face these issues honestly and effectively.  

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