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Chris Gruener, 9/11 Truth in Massachusetts

On this Thanksgiving night episode, psychologist Chris Gruener discusses his activist work of waking up fellow Massachusetts citizens to the truth of 9/11. (Coincidentally, it was in Massachusetts that the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock celebrated New England's first Thanksgiving feast.) Gruener talks about his most recent wake-up work, which involved hosting Richard Gage during his mid-November Northeast Tour. He also explains the relevance of the 14-year-old 9/11 Truth Movement to current events. Finally, Gruener offers his take on the low blow that Boston Globe columnist Alex Beam delivered to "truthers" who dare speak up about the solid evidence that the three World Trade Center towers were destroyed by controlled demolition.

9/11 Free Fall 11/19/15: Looking back...

In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, host Andy Steele goes over the latest news and headlines related to AE911Truth and its mission. He also takes a trip down memory lane by playing clips from his favorite episodes over the three-plus years that 9/11 Free Fall has been on the air.

9/11 Free Fall 11/12/15: Presenting the controlled demolition evidence to Russians

In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, engineer and former investigator C. William Kauffman discusses his latest trip to the Russian Federation, where he presented the evidence for controlled demolition on 9/11 to an audience of fellow engineers. He also describes his fascinating career during and after the Cold War.

9/11 Free Fall 11/5/15: New engineer signatories, the phantom gouge, and nonviolence.

Host Andy Steele goes over the latest news and headlines from AE911Truth, including the acquisition of 25 new structural engineers at the NCSEA Structural Engineering Summit in Las Vegas earlier this month, the important role that social media plays in activism, and our response to questions about WTC 7's phantom "gouge." As well, he will share a special commentary on nonviolence from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

9/11 Free Fall 10/29/15: Night of the Post 9/11 World

Writer Craig McKee joins Andy Steele in this special—and SPOOKY—Halloween edition of 9/11 Free Fall. Their SPELLBINDING conversation covers the EERIELY high number of HORROR movies (especially ZOMBIE films) that have come out of late. They also reflect on the FRIGHTFULLY close symbiosis between Hollywood's GHOULISH THRILLER films and American society (the former mirrors the latter). And they opine... on the CHILLING comparisons between the recent spate of BEWITCHED flicks and the ANGST-ridden post-9/11 world. Finally, they TAP into the HAUNTING feelings people have when they awake to the truth about any big lie—particularly the 9/11 NIGHTMARE.